Alignment Auras

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Some creatures have one or more alignment auras. Alignment auras can be chaotic, evil, good, or lawful and can be detected by spells such as detect chaos, detect evil, detect good, or detect law.

Some creatures have natural alignment auras determined by their creature type or subtypes:

  • Creatures with an alignment subtype have an appropriate alignment aura.
  • Chaotic aberrations and chaotic fey have chaotic auras.
  • Evil dragons and evil undead have evil auras.
  • Good dragons have good auras.

Class features can also grant alignment auras. For example, clerics have alignment auras corresponding to the alignment of their deity, and paladins have a good aura.

Alignment auras can also be temporary. These are usually created by aligned magic effects, such as spells with an alignment descriptor or aligned magic items. A magic item is aligned if described as such, or if it has a spell with an alignment descriptor in its construction requirements. A creature has a temporary alignment aura if it is under the effect of an aligned magical effect or has created such an effect in the last round.