Improved Precise Shot

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Your ranged attacks are hindered less by concealment and cover.

Type: Combat

Prerequisites: Dex 17, Precise Shot, base attack bonus +6.

Benefit: Your ranged attacks can penetrate cover as if it were one step less. Targets with cover relative to you can only benefit from partial cover (+2 to AC) against your ranged attacks, targets with improved cover relative to you can only benefit from normal cover (+4 to AC), and targets with partial cover gain no cover bonus against your ranged attacks. Additionally, your ranged attacks ignore the miss chance granted to targets by anything less than total concealment.

Total cover and total concealment provide their normal benefits against your ranged attacks.

Normal: See the normal rules on the effects of cover and concealment in Combat.

This feat was changed from the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook version:

  • reduced Dexterity prerequisite to 17
  • removed Point-Blank Shot prerequisite
  • reduced base attack bonus prerequisite to +6
  • changed to reduce cover category instead of ignore cover