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You can fire multiple arrows with a single shot.

Type: Combat

Prerequisites: Dex 17, Point-Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, base attack bonus +6.

Benefit: As a standard action, you can fire two arrows from a bow at a single opponent within 30 feet. Make a single attack roll with a –⁠4 penalty. If the attack hits, both arrows hit. Apply precision-based damage (such as sneak attack) and critical hit damage only once for this attack. Damage bonuses from using a composite bow with a high Strength bonus apply to each arrow, as do other damage bonuses, such as a ranger's favored enemy bonus. Damage reduction and other resistances apply only once, regardless of how many arrows you fired. If you score a critical hit, only the first arrow fired deals critical damage; all others deal regular damage.

When your base attack reaches +11, and again when it reaches +16, you may add an additional arrow to this attack. However, each arrow after the second adds a cumulative –2 penalty to the attack roll.

This feat was changed from the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook version:

  • changed to Dungeons & Dragons v.3.5 version, slighty reworded