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Search (Int)

Your can find traps, hidden things, secret doors, and other details that are not readily apparent.


Search is used to notice fine details in the environment. The DC to notice such details varies depending upon distance, the environment, and how noticeable the detail is. You generally must be within 10 feet of the object or surface to be searched. The table below gives DCs for typical tasks involving the Search skill:

Detail Perception DC
Find the average concealed door 15
Find the average secret door 20
Find a well-hidden secret door 30+
Find a simple trap 20
Find a difficult nonmagical trap1 21+
Find a magic trap1 25 + spell level
Ransack a chest full of junk to find a certain item 10
1 Only a chracter with the trapfinding ability can use Search to locate a trap with a DC of more than 20 or a magical trap.

Favorable or unfavorable conditions

Bright light might decrease the DC of checks by –2, while torchlight or moonlight might increase it by +2. Terrible conditions, such as, for example, candlelight might inclease the DC by +5.


Searching a 5-foot section of a wall for a concealed or secret door, or searching for a trap on a door or lock is a full-round action.

Searching a room for salient hidden creatures or clues, or making a detailed search of a 10-foot-square area to detect traps, triggers, hidden objects, or footprints takes 1 minute.

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Elves, half-elves, gnomes, and halflings receive a +2 racial bonus on Search checks.

If you have the Inquisitive feat, you get a bonus on Search checks.